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How to Donate

If you are unable to adopt, but would like to help contribute to our cause, you can still assist in many ways. As you know, horse rescue takes a village, we'd LOVE to have you as a part of our village.


Your financial support is always appreciated. Any size donation will help us provide our rescued thoroughbreds with the attention and care they need to complete their rehabilitation and prepare them for their forever homes. Even the smallest donations can be the difference between life and death for one of our horses! 100% of your contribution goes directly to the hourses, as we are a volunteer organization.




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Other Ways You Can Help


If you have spare time, whether it be weekly, monthly, or on a "when I can help out" basis, we would love to add you to our list of volunteers. Man-(and woman)-power is what it takes to keep the daily operations for the sanctuary running smoothly. We need stall cleaners, mowers, tractor drivers, strong backs, and warm hearts. There is always something to be done! If you're interested, please reach out to us on our "contact" page.


Rockin' G is located on a 160-acre plot, however, only about 40 acres is dedicated to our horses. We have several horses in "forever care" with us... meaning, they will never leave the sanctuary. We have others that are stall kept, and some that are turned out in pastures. If you have space in any of these capacities and would like to serve as a foster, please message us through our "contact" page. We are limited by space, and the more velvet noses we have in foster care, the more we can take in to our main facilitiy. *Foster locations must meet the same criteria as is listed in our adoption contract!

Spread the Word

We recently relocated to El Reno, from Piedmont, OK... so we're new in town! The work we do is very dependent on "word of mouth." Please come by the sanctuary and meet us, and our velvet noses, and then tell anyone who will listen about our mission and our cause. We need eyes on the horses in our area, we want to help educate the public about proper horse care, and we want to be an active member of our community. 

Donate Items

As winter approaches, WE NEED ITEMS. Our wish list includes:

   - Weather / Rainproof winter blanets
   - Water hoses

   - Good quality grass hay (round or square bales)

  - Wheelbarrows (4-wheeled, heavy duty preferred)

   - Round feed bowls

   - Halters and Lead Ropes




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