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Rescue Team

Members of the Rockin' G Rescue Team are VERY important to our mission, for without them, we couldn't do what we do! We have stall cleaners, trainers, handy-men (and women), painters, website maintainers, and others who do odds & ends to keep the daily operations of the sanctuary going. We'd love to have you join us! 

Meet our Founders

Deborah & Bob, pictured with Dat Red Cat (Red) and Chasing Tornados (Tory)

Piedmont native, Deborah Gay and her husband Bob founded Rockin' G Equine Sanctuary in July, 2013. At the time, they lived on 12 acres in an addition in Piedmont, OK. Deborah, an experienced horseman, wanted to do something to give back to the wonderful animals she'd grown up with and had shown many years of her life. When she started Rockin' G, she had taken in one off the track thoroughbred (Romeo, see his story in "adopted horses"), shortly after Romeo came Tory (pictured left) joined, and before she knew it, Rockin' G was off to the races, so-to-speak. Since then, Rockin' G has taken in over 60 horses, rehoming over 30 of those. They've also relocated to El Reno, OK. In addition to the Sanctuary, Deborah and Bob both have fulltime careers, so they're very busy. 


If they're not training, tending to sanctuary business, trail riding, doing barn chores, or working, you can find them with their children and grandchildren as they enjoy family time very much! 

Doc & Mindy Hole

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