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Adopted Rockin' G Horses


We are so proud of all of our adopted horses! We've had several go on to become polo horses, hunter / jumpers, trail and play-day horses, companion horses, and pets. Everyone who adopts a Rockin' G horse becomes an official member of the Rockin' G family and we post updates about them here.


Romeo (registered JC name: Lonesome Who) was Rockin' G's first ever Thoroughbred. He was WONDERFUL from the start and really set a high bar for all those that have followed. Romeo was adopted in July, 2014 by Belinda and her family... and when they met for the first time, the love between them was an obvious and visible thing. Romeo enjoys trail riding and arena work with Belinda, along with treats and lots of love. Thanks to Belinda for loving Romeo as much as we do!


Zeke's registered JC name is Severe Flying. And boy does he live up to that... Zeke's new career is that of a hunter / jumper and 3-day eventer. He now lives in Texas and has quite the glamerous life!



Boone's registered JC name is Delaybu. It must be an unfortunate thing to have the word "delay" in your name if you're a racehorse, because Boone didn't do so well on the track. He also ended his racing career with a knee injury that limited his second career options to lite trail riding and companion status. Here he is with his adopter (and Rockin' G board member) Casey Theivagt. Boone lives with his best buddy, Topher (a standard-sized Jerusalem donkey) and enjoys a lot of love and attention from his new family!

Rainy, registered JC name: Broken Storm, seen here with his sweet adopter, Jessica! Rainy was a thoroughbred we rescued from the feedlot with the help of our supporters who "posted his bail." He hit the JACKPOT when he met Jessica, as she takes excellent care of him. He enjoys trail rides and lots of pasture space in his new life... these two make a great pair!



Lily, seen here with Rockin' G Founder, Deborah Gay was adopted by Paul and moved to Mississippi to begin her polo career. When Lily entered our program, she had several medical issues that we addressed, she was also very underweight. On her adoption day she was healthy, and strong! We're so happy that Lily has gone on to have such a successful and fulfilling second career! 


As is the case sometimes here at Rockin' G, a volunteer may fall in love with a horse (or vice-versa)... that's exactly what happened when Shelly met Rock! His registered JC name is Rock This Bar, and he's a dreamboat of a horse! Tall, dark, and handsome, and he's got a heart of gold. Which makes for a great match, since Shelly does too! They enjoy  arena / ground-work training, hunter /jumper showing,  and building their relationship. We are forever grateful to Shelly for taking this sweet guy and giving him the home he so deserved!


Fitzy (JC name: Viva Fitz) was Rockin' G's youngest resident when he arrived, a late-in-the-year birth put him at just 2 yrs old when he came into our program... and a big kid, he was. Fitzy went to live with his new family, Patti (also a faithful Rockin' G volunteer) and her grand-daughter (pictured above with Fitz at a play-day) and they enjoy this horse so much! His updates and stories are some of our favorites, because he is clearly having the time of his life and is much happier now that he has his forever family!

Shady was adopted by Paul for a Polo Horse... he now lives in Mississippi where he enjoys his second career!


Exciting Chime joined Paul in Mississippi to play polo... congratulations to her on finding a second career! Do us proud, girlie!!



Addie (JC Name: Added Attidude) is now playing polo in Mississippi as well. We are so proud of her and grateful to Paul!


Aldous is off to his new home! His new owner is a young man & was so super excited. So happy for these 2, but will miss this horse so much. He is so easy going, super sweet & smart. At least he made a young man super excited. Good luck Jordan can't wait for updates.


Southern Causeway was adopted by our very own Annie Decker! What can we say, when bonds are formed, you can't deny them! We're thrilled for both of these sweet souls and can't wait to see what they do in the ring! Congrtaulations!

Southern Causeway


"Meby" went home with Donna in late October and we couldn't be happier with their new partnership. This sweet boy has found his loving forever home with Donna and her family. Congrats to them both on finding one another and for allowing us to be a part of their journey! We're so proud.

Paradise City

Paradise and his new owner Bristol, (seen below) are the perfect pair... the smile on this young lady's  face proves it! Adopted in December by Matt and Ember Riley, Paradise and Bristol are off to a great start in their life-long partnership. He'll be her "heart horse," which makes us at Rockin' G VERY happy!

Valentine adopted by Keri

It was love at first site for Keri and Valentine.  These two are the perfect team and we are so excited to see what the future holds for them. Keri plans on doing dressage with Valentine and lots of trail rides. We can't wait to see Valentine blossom under Keris' loving care.

John F, who we had begun calling "Kennedy," was adopted VERY quickly, so quickly that we weren't able to feature him on our page. Kelly Maier, his adopter, reports that he settled in nicely and has a wonderful personality! The two of them are continuting to get to know one another. 

John F

Engaging Lover Saved from the feedlot last fall with hooves in horrible condition has been rehabbed and is off to his new loving home with Chandler. We look forward to updates as these two start their journey together!

Engaging Lover

Thunder Proud was adopted in March by Kristyn & headed to Kansas. He couldn't be in a better place as she loves her horses but is also a vet. We look forward to seeing these two in action.


Thunder Proud

Goodtime Casanova


What a match Clint & Goodtime Casanova! He couldn't be in better hands. These have already started working in Cass's new career in jumping. Keep your eye out for great things to come from these two.


Fugax AKA Jax

Congratulations to Mallory on her adoption of Fugax (Jax)! He has been the clown and lover of the barn and will be missed! He thought everyone was here to see him and give him treats. Im absolutely sure he will be the same at your barn and will be loved more than ever! Cant wait to see updates as the two of you get to know each other and teach each other on your journey together to a new career for Jax.

Ace & Lola

Ace and Lola went to live with Katie in Weatherford, Ok! Lola will enjoy the life of a trail horse while Ace was adopted as a companion for Lola, they hit the jackpot here! 



We are excited to announce that Gabby got adopted by Penny & headed to Kansas City, MO. Gabby was our 3rd or 4th horse to be retired to us. She got adopted within the month & left. Life circumstances brought Gabby back to us almost a year later. She had a soft tissue injury that we rehabbed for 9 months. This is a very beautiful & special mare. Congrats Miss Penny.



Congratulations to Katie on her adoption of Techno! his new home is in Kansas City along with some of our other velvet noses. We look forward to great things from them!

Willard Wayne


Matthew O

We are super excited that Janna McGuire has adopted Matthew O. Matt had a slab fracture that required 6 months stall rest & he is ready to go. Super excited as they will be headed to the Mounted Police clinic in April & they plan are doing some major trail riding. Congrats what an awesome pair!

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